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Concord Electrical Industries introduces itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of CT-PT (Current Transformers and Potential Transformers) Instrument Transformers across India, used for metering of Electricity and protection of costly equipment used by Electricity Boards and Industrial Consumers.

Concord Electrical Industries was established in 1977, by electrical engineers having rich experience in the field of design and manufacturing of instrument transformers.

During the last three decades, the company has, with in-house technology, successfully developed, many products as per the requirements of the indoor Switchgear industry and conforming to Indian and International standards.

Concord is one of the leading manufacturers of Combined CT-PT Metering Units and Epoxy Resin Cast indoor medium voltage Instrument Transformers in India.

Qualified and experienced engineers are working in Sales, Design, Production and Testing. Products are type tested at recognized institutes such as The Central Power Research Institute commonly known as CPRI, is presently an autonomous Society under the Ministry of Power, Govt of India.

P.V.V.N.L (Pashimanchal Vidyut Vittaran Nigam) U.P.
C.S.E.B. (Chattisgarh State Electricity Board) Raipur
D.H.B.V.N. (Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vittaran Nigam) Hisar
U.H.B.V.N. (Uttar Haryana Bijli Vittaran Nigam) Panchkula
N.E.S.C.O Ltd. (North Eastern Electricity Supply Company of Orissa)
W.E.S.C.O Ltd. (Western Electricity Supply Company of Orissa)
C.E.S.C.O ( Central Electricity Supply Company of Orissa)
Our Products
Current Transformer For Outdoor Installation
(11KV - 33KV)     
Potential Transformer For Outdoor Installations
(11KV - 33KV)     
Combined CT-PT Metering Unit For Outdoor Installations
(11KV - 33KV)     
Epoxy Resin Cast Pilfer Resistant Metering Cubicle For Indoor Installation
(11KV - 33KV)     
Epoxy Resin Cast Current Transformer For Indoor Installation
(11KV - 33KV)
Epoxy Resin Cast Voltage Transformer For Indoor Installation
(11KV - 33KV)
Low Tension Current Transformers
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